• Category: Display Ads, Mobile Conquesting, Radio, Traditional Marketing,
  • Client: Local Minor League Team
  • Start Date: 2023-04-03
  • End Date: 2023-09-17


This is the second season running with a local minor league baseball team and they continue to see success.  Last season was the first time they utilized digital marketing, and we focused mainly on utilizing display ads, targeting people interested in baseball, moms, families, and people who like to attend events in town.  Secondarily we targeted people on their mobile devices, utilizing mobile conquesting.  Combined with an on-air radio campaign and endorsement, the goal was to easily change up campaigns with promotions throughout the 6 month season, without additional fees, and bring home strong attendance with good campaign management both online and offline.  


We used a combination of display ads with keyword targeting, retargeting, and behavioral targeting going after people interested in live events. The targeting method puts the baseball team in front of those most likely to attend, and the overall campaign, using retargeting to create high frequency, pulls fans to their website to check out the latest promotion. The campaign was designed to serve over 1.8 millions impressions over the 6 months.  


After experiencing incredible results during their first season they returned for a second season with an increased impression buy.  During the first season they were really happy with the traffic, having sent over 12,000 fans (between clicks and view through traffic) to their site to check out new promotions.  The art, which we changed out for promotions, performed 3.2 times the national average due to careful and consistent campaign optimization.  Radio and digital combined was the perfect medium to increase attendance to games and branding of promotions, with the flexibility a baseball team needs.