Having a Live Chat option on your website enables visitors to get their questions answered while they are actively interested in purchasing or utilizing your products or services. Data has shown that live chats lead to a 40% increase in conversion rates and much higher levels of customer satisfaction. Chavez Digital Solutions can provide the backend to this option, helping you get more leads and allowing website visitors to engage with live, trained, chat agents, 24/7. Options are available for bilingual (Spanish-speaking) chat agents as well!

Live Chat Features Include:

  • Live Chat box installed on your website and text to chat option for mobile too.
  • Customized Live Chat box or even a Video Greeting options to match the website’s look.
  • A “Call Connect” feature that allows agents to connect leads straight to the business’ designated phone number.
  • Trained agents to handle all lead inquiries in both English and Spanish.
  • CRM Integration.
  • Your business will receive all chat and lead information from the live chats.

This option helps you not miss a sale and also is a way to “virtually” extend your business hours. Up to 59% of chat leads come from outside of normal business hours. You may not have your doors open, but your business can always respond to customer questions with the Live Chat option.

Important to Know:

  • The Live Chat Leads service is only available in conjunction with a digital marketing campaign – reach out and we can explain how and why.
  • We have a Virtual Assistant option (also known as a chatbot) for simple conversions like signing up for a newsletter, collecting emails, or asking for more information from the customer.
  • Customized Virtual Chat options will also match the look of the website.  The visitor is presented with up to 4 options to choose from.
  • English and Spanish and CRM Integration are also available.