• Category: SEM (Pay-Per-Click), Video/OTT,
  • Client: Event Producer
  • Start Date: 2023-05-04
  • End Date: 2023-06-29


The local music festival promoter utilized over 475,000 impressions per month throughout the campaign. The lifetime report showed an overall click through rate of .25%, and a video targeting specific click through rate of .14%. The national average for banner ad campaigns ranges from .05-.8%- obviously these results are very good!  


We used a combination of Video Pre-Roll Ads, Keywords, and Behavioral Targeting.  The targeting method puts the festival in front of those most likely to attend, and the overall campaign, using Retargeting to create high frequency, pulls viewers into the brand’s website.  We usually recommend longer term campaigns so we are able to better optimize which websites are pulling in the highest CTR and conversion and ultimately drive more ticket purchases,  so we wanted to make sure we had a high frequency.  The campaign was designed to serve over 475,000 impressions per month over 8 weeks. 


We were able to confirm 352 conversions through to the “thank you” page. This means we were able to track 352 ticket sales (and we can assume people are purchasing multiple tickets at one time) through the sales cycle of the campaign. For an average ticket at a $250 price point (for sales of just the minimum purchase price) at 352 tickets, nets sales of approximately $88,000 , over five times the return on campaign investment.