• Category: Website,
  • Client: Chavez Media
  • Start Date: 2024-01-08
  • End Date: 2024-01-20

Website building and design is one of the newest services added to our suite, so our team was incredibly excited to create the site for our parent organization as the very first project.

You can view and navigate the site at https://chavezmedia.com to experience this simple but effective design with some interactive elements that help the site remain in people’s memory longer. We always to incorporate subtle, yet effective design elements that make sites stand out from the rest.

This is an example of an HTML (hand-coded) website. If you are looking to create a site that is visually impactful that is mostly informational, rather than something with more demands such as for e-commerce, and HTML landing page style site can help keep the budget low but remain effective.

If you’re looking to have a site built or redesign one you already have, contact us for a free consultation today.