• Category: Amazon Targeting,
  • Client: Pediatric & Orthodontic Dental Clinic
  • Start Date: 2023-02-06
  • End Date: 2023-07-28


A rising dental practice providing excellent care for children and teens was looking for a dynamic way to maximize exposure for their brand to increase new appointments.


The campaign included Amazon Video and OTT using multilevel Amazon targeting. The targeting included behaviors like parents with children in the household, use of preschool-age products and dental supplies, as well as creating a custom audience targeting people who have searched for or purchased specific products like Children’s Toothbrush; Children’s Toothpaste; Children’s Toys; Children’s Apparel; Children’s Books; Children’s Movies; Children’s Vitamins; Children’s Games; Children’s Music. 


When the campaign first launched it was underperforming and not seeing high engagement. CTR was still almost 4x the national average at .27%, but conversions were low. The digital team assessed the campaign and made recommendations to help increase performance,  which included expanding the geography and more ad creative to optimize for increased engagement.  After these adjustments were made, in a few short months the campaign saw a HUGE increase. 83 click conversions and 13 view-throughs with a CTR at .93% – 13 times the national average. The results almost quadrupled, yielding in more patient appointments. This success story underscores the importance of evaluating initial campaign results, collaborating as a team, and making adjustments to work towards campaign success. It can be a process that may not be accomplished at the beginning of a campaign. Ad buyers were making weekly optimizations to ensure the success of this campaign