• Category: Amazon Targeting, Mobile Conquesting, Social Media Marketing, Social Mirror Campaign,
  • Client: Local Community College
  • Start Date: 2022-06-06
  • End Date: 2024-05-31


A local community college wanted to reach high school students, parents of high school students, and anyone seeking continuing education or certificates. They understand that no two paths for students are the same and they wanted to spread the message that they are there to help them through the journey with a branding and awareness digital campaign.


We ran a multi-product approach focusing on upcoming enrollment periods. To help with the Winter semester, we started with a Mobile Conquesting (behavioral targeting, geofencing, georetargeting) and an Amazon (behavioral targeting, product targeting, retargeting) campaign. At the end of the Fall semester, we started to promote the upcoming Spring semester and continued with Mobile Conquesting, but added in Cross Platform with Social Mirror, and replaced Amazon with Facebook and Instagram (category targeting and retargeting). After the Spring semester, we stayed with Mobile Conquesting with Cross Platform and Facebook and Instagram to promote the courses that were available in the Summer.


The campaign started with a combination of Mobile Conquesting and Amazon and within two months, the client wanted to readjust. When we adjusted the campaign to include Mobile Conquesting with Cross Platform Targeting with Social Mirror and Facebook and Instagram, enrollment was 4xs higher in January of 2023 than of 2022. The client found that brightly colored ads and ones that have students or faculty in them received better engagement. As it sits now, summer enrollment is maintaining a steady pace to increase by 1-2%.