• Category: Social Mirror Campaign,
  • Client: Local New & Used Car Dealer
  • Start Date: 2023-08-13
  • End Date: 2023-08-22


This dealership wanted to be able to show potential car buyers what the benefits were of working with them by offering the best price for high quality pre-owned and new vehicles of all makes and models.


For this campaign, we used Social Mirror ads and took advantage of most of the targeting strategies available in order to reach potential buyers through all parts of their buying journey. Through Keyword Targeting, we were able to reach those that are early on in their new/used vehicle search. Through Behavioral Targeting (Automotive- New and Used Vehicle Seekers, Auto Shopping, Automotive- Domestic, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, In-Market Auto Buyers, In-Market Auto Shoppers, HHI $75k+) we were reaching those a little further along in their search because they have put themselves in certain categories by various online and offline behaviors. With Artificial Intelligence, we are reaching potential buyers that have a high likelihood of purchasing a new or used vehicle, and with Retargeting, we were continuing to show the ads to people that have already visited the website and targeting those at the bottom of that sales journey.


In just ten weeks, the campaign served over 405,000 impressions and received 287 click conversions, and 570 view-through conversions. Of the view-through conversions, more than half were to the Used Vehicles page and the New Vehicles page.